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Our Products are made from natural leather and sole from polyurethane which are anatomical – orthopedic, in such a manner very kindly influneced on joints and backbone. Production material of our products corrispond to ecological standards and do not leave any damage consequence on foot. Our products have a wide application in sanitary services series working position and as recreation everyday use. This product is imported from Europe and the company has been in business for over 30 years manufacturing original leather products and exporting all over the Europe. As most of back problems tiredness and so fit arise from uncomfortable footware step into the most comfortable European design Ledi Leather Clogs and slippers.

Please Note In our Ledi Collection we have two different Designs **FD**  **EC** 

**FD**  Fashion design with comfort on this model the Heel is 47mm high and available in many fashion designs
**EC**  Extra Comfort this model is recommended and worn by Nurses & Doctors as they spend long hours on their feet and need extra comfort throughout the day , on this model the Heel is 40mm high . And computer design for extra comfort for everyday use No1 seller in Europe.

All designs of Ledi Clogs are designed in Italy to keep up with the latest European Fashion. If you want the best for your feet and latest European fashion step in the Original most advanced and comfortable Ledi Leather Clogs and slippers.

Material made from
Sole: Polyurethane  ( lightweight computer design for most comfort )
Upper : 100% Original Leather
Linning : 100% Natural Leather
Ledi Australia is importer of original European Leather Ledi Clogs and slippers for Ladies, Men & Children